Proofreading — the last step

Only when your edited manuscript is finalized and ready for publication is it time to proofread. A proofreading is not an edit. Please see my Editing page for descriptions of the types of editing I provide. Proofreading is limited to correcting any typos or other anomalies that were missed during the copyedit or that may have been introduced by post-editing revision. In the case of formatted pages or galleys, I will also check the accuracy of the table of contents, running headers and footers, and folios (page numbers). I will identify poor line breaks, awkward hyphenation, word stacks, and inconsistent use of typographic styles.

Many are the Amazon reviews that have castigated authors (fairly or unfairly) for typos in their books. Rely on my proofreading to catch the overlooked mistakes that can cause embarrassment for you and frustration for your readers. 

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