Here are a few comments from author clients. There are dozens more available to read at my Reedsy profile.

You did a fantastic job. Your expertise has vastly improved my manuscript. I don’t know how to thank you. This is my first effort as a novelist, and I’ve learned a great deal from your comments and edits. Your efforts on my behalf will make a huge difference in my chances for success. Your work ethic is a rare find, as is your talent for understanding the content, my goals, and how to bring it all to the next level. When my next book is ready, I only hope you won’t be too busy to take it on. I am so grateful that you happened to appear on my computer screen when I was shopping for shoes!

P. D. Halt, When Death Imitates Art

Robert, your edits were terrific. You have made my writing better. Your technical and creative suggestions were vital in creating a cohesive and enjoyable story. Your attention to detail clarified my message. Every time I get an edited manuscript from you, I feel like I just had a writing class with my favorite teacher. You have become my safety net, and I will not swing on the flying trapeze without you.

Melody Forrest, Maid to Perfection: Cinderella’s Story and Talk Is Cheap: The Mirror Never Lies

Your editing is superlative. Your work on the rest of my book manuscript was just as thorough and incisive as your sample edit. You tended to every tiny comma and apostrophe. The fact checking was well beyond the call of duty, but your total revisions of the Glossary and Further Reading appendices far exceeded even my already high expectations of your fine work. Best of all, in untangling my many clumsy sentences, you suggested better word choices for my many poor ones and took the time to explain why, sometimes with explanations that were paragraphs long. Thank you, Robert, for a job well done!

Mark Mathew Braunstein, Good Girls on Bad Drugs: The Secret Lives of the Unhappy Hookers

Thanks again for all the hard work. I just finished going though Part 1, and I think your edits have made the book much stronger. All your comments have been very helpful. They were very detailed and very accurate, and they clearly pointed out important problems with the narrative. I have been accepting about 95% of your changes verbatim. I’m looking forward to Part 2. I love the way the story has improved. Can’t wait to publish!

Vittorio Pareto, Emma of the Ardennes and The Count of Montferrat

Robert, I spent the entire day reading each comment—they’re excellent. I wish you had done the initial editing, but I didn’t know of you at that time. Thank you for your outstanding work. You have been so helpful in substantially improving my manuscript.

Art Miley, Pike County, Indiana Notables

Robert – this is such an in-depth linguistic analysis . . . WOW! I’m flabbergasted! When it comes to linguistic structures and vocabulary, your sensitivity is very impressive. Your suggestions make total sense. I will definitely implement them. Thank you so much! You’ve been very kind and helpful.

Jessie Jasen, book blurb for a novel

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